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How to Create Video from Photos for Free

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These days we store thousands (if not millions) of photos on hard drives. Though they are sweet memories for us, they do make a mess at times. And when you want to share your memories with friends on the Internet, you go through a real crisis... However, the solution is already there! Have you ever thought of creating video from photos and uploading it to your Facebook or LinkedIn account? No? Then another question: what would you prefer – uploading tons of pictures of a memorable event or making a video only once and let other people enjoy it many times after that? Though it seems to be a rhetorical question since the benefits are obvious.

Actually, it's no big deal! Creating video from photos has got much as simple as ABC nowadays with the easy-to-use FREE software Bolide Slideshow Creator! There are a few simple steps following which you will make a great video out of photos you've got.

Step One. Think what event you would like to cover in your video

The events for creating video from photos can be various. It can be a wedding, a birthday party, a corporate party or a business presentation – in other words, whatever you want. If you have photos of this event, it will do. Put the images in the right order and get ready for the next step.

Step Two. Find suitable music for your video

The right music for your movie is of vital importance! With Bolide Slideshow Creator you will be able to add as many tracks as you like depending on the photos and the mood. Choosing the right music when creating video from photos will help revive the pictures and the memories.

Step Three. Add the text comments to the photos

Witty comments are a real power to create the right mood for the video. And again you won't need to repeat who is doing what in the photos every time you show them to friends. That's far more convenient! It helps you to convey the atmosphere of the event and all the emotions connected with this or that episode.

Step Four. Choose the transition effects

To create video from photos, you certainly need different transitional effects. Bolide Slideshow Creator has dozens of transition effects in store! You are welcome to choose them yourself or let the program do that automatically, and you edit them if necessary.

Step Five. Make the final adjustments and enjoy your video!

After you have prepared everything, try to preview what you've got as a result and make the final adjustments – increase the frame speed or make it lower (right to the music), adjust the parameters of the output video. By the way, using Bolide Slideshow Creator, you can make a high-resolution video which looks and works great on a widescreen TV.

So, creating video from photos is easy and fast, and the freeware Bolide Slideshow Creator's opportunities are limitless! Feel it yourself today!

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