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Bolide® Slideshow Creator - Version history

Below is a changes list between the releases.

v2.2 Build 2003

  • added 13 new transition effects, including several 3D ones!
  • added ability to set the background color for the individual slides with the right mouse click
  • added default background color setting in Options
  • added Polish interface translation

v2.1 Build 2002

  • added the ability to insert an empty frame to the timeline. Great for title frames
  • fixed looped playback function in a full-screen mode
  • fixes in pan&zoom effect
  • several minor bugs were fixed as well

v2.0 Build 2000

  • added ability to save slideshow as FLV and MP4 file
  • added ability to trim audio clips
  • added button "Video=Audio" for automatic adjustment of the video track duration to match the current audio track
  • added ability to rotate/mirror photos
  • added dialog with the progress and time remaining during the encoding
  • added an ability to set random pan&zoom effect automatically
  • pan&zoom effect can be with zero pause

v1.4 Build 1013

  • added pan&zoom effect!
  • added menu item "File-Save as video file". Some users don't see "Make video file" button for some reason...
  • added "Duration" column to the audio files list

v1.3 Build 1009

  • added a full-screen preview of the slideshow with the ability to play it continuously
  • added an ability to add all the photos from the local library sorted by file name
  • added an ability to automatically add the file name and shoot date to the slides
  • added sound notification about the finishing of video file creation
  • added displaying video file creation progress to the taskbar (works with Windows 7)
  • fixed a dozen of minor bugs

v1.2 Build 1007

  • an ability to add text comments to the photos!
  • added Portuguese (Brazilian), German, Dutch, Italian, French translations
  • reported bugs were fixed

v1.1 Build 1003

  • added an ability to drag&drop and cut/copy/paste photos in the storyboard
  • added a dozen of new transition effects
  • added an ability to add all the photos from the local library to the storyboard sorted by time
  • added an ability to select multiple photos/effects in the storyboard and apply the changes for them
  • added Czech, Serbian, Swedish, Spanish, Turkish translations
  • saving as AVI now uses XviD codec for better quality
  • saving as MKV fixed, now there should be no problems with hardware HD players

v1.0 Build 999

  • First public release