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How to Create AVI Slideshow in 5 Easy Steps

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Feel like getting creative tonight? Why not try something new? Say, making a cool slideshow out of photos you’ve got. Sure you got a massive collection of photographs describing lots of cool and exciting moments of your life. Great!

There’s 5-star software which will turn all this good stuff into genuine masterpieces! Yeah! And you will also be amazed how simple it is and impressed by what you get as a result. Okay, let’s go through the whole process step by step.

Step 1. Think of the event you would like to make into a movie

Like a real director, you need to start with the idea of your future film. Yeah, it’s important for creating AVI slideshow. It can be every event that is well covered by photographs – a birthday party or Christmas celebration or whatever you like. The main thing is what you want to say by your movie and how you’re going to do that.

Step 2. Choose the front-rank photos

Choosing photographs is like finding the right actors for the characters. Make sure you’ve taken the best ones to make AVI slide show! Add them to the project in the right order. Using Slideshow Creator, it’s so easy to do that even an infant would cope :) Okay, let’s go on!

Step 3. Reconstruct the event by adding hilarious comments

As you guess, to say that the scenario is important for any film is to say nothing! That’s especially true when you producing AVI slideshow. Here the scenario is the comments added to the photos. So, think of the spicy comments for every photo and make your movie really unforgettable! Impress your future audience with a great sense of humour!

Step 4.Add the audio tracks which best describe or are somehow associated with the event

Well, adding music is fast and fun, like the whole process actually. Decide on the most beautiful music to suit your AVI slide show. Adding music is simple as ABC – just take the track, drag and drop it to the field in the program. That’s all. Moving on.

Step 5. Choose from a range of transition effects available

Slideshow Creator offers loads of transition effects to make AVI slideshows really awe-inspiring. You may choose them yourself or the program will choose the special effects for you.

Okay, here you are! Your slideshow is ready and waiting for the audience :) So, upload this slide show to your blog or web site or to your YouTube channel and invite friends to have a look at it! Or save it in FullHD definition and watch it on your home theatre system. Creating AVI slideshow is always a lot of fun! Now it’s your chance – go and get your copy of Slideshow Creator ;)

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